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Sat, Sep 21


Residence Inn by Marriot Santa Clarita

All Valley Team Tournament 3

The Largest Kill Team -Team Tournament - in the world, three years in a row!

All Valley Team Tournament 3
All Valley Team Tournament 3

Time & Location

Sep 21, 2024, 10:00 AM – Sep 22, 2024, 7:00 PM

Residence Inn by Marriot Santa Clarita, 25320 The Old Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91381, USA


About the event

All Valley Team Tournament 3



Start Time: 10 am

Event Type: Kill Team Competitive

Missions: Crit Ops 

Number of Games: Four

Round Length: 135 minutes

Kill Team Selection: Create a Matched Roster as described on page 90 of the Kill Team Core Book. 

Teams Allowed: All teams reccomended and released by Games Workshop at least two weeks prior to the event starting.  EX. Harliquin Troupes are replaced by Void Dancer Troupe. Ect.

Other Activities: Painting competition and free exhibition entry

Tools of War: Attendees are expected to bring their Kill Team, three barricades, dice, measuring gauges or a tape measure, all relevant rules publications, Also attendees must own or have printed a deck of crit ops. If you do not own a crit ops deck please reachout  to see if we have one that we can loan you day of.

Packet and Terrain layout: Downloads on

Parking: There is parking in front of the store

Terrain: Beta Decima, Open, and Into the Dark will be present at this event.

Each Kill Team must be from a different Faction. For this event specialist Kill teams count as being a unique faction. A Bespoke Kill Team is any of the teams found in the Octarius or Chalnath Box sets, or that has been published in White Dwarf. So you could take a Tau Kill Team from the Compendium book as well as the Pathfinder Kill Team from the Chalnath box set for example. Once you have built your Kill Teams, you must record each one on an army roster. These should then be collected and emailed in by your team captain.

TEAM CAPTAINS Each team must nominate a team captain who will have the following duties: 

• To take overall responsibility for their team. 

• Ensure the team’s rosters are submitted by Friday September 21nd 2024. 

• That all rounds start promptly with all team members present and accounted for. 

• That all results are submitted on time after each round. 

• To liaise with the events team should any issues arise e.g. a team-member drops out or poor sportsmanship. 

• That all votes are cast for sportsmanship and army presentation scores.

Additional Team Rules

• Teams are not allowed to influence or coach each other after the parings stage. If players are caught doing this this will be an automatic player foul. Once a match has started it should remain between the two players and the T.O. If someone notices something off they should contact a T.O.


1. Board Allocation:

Each team of three will be allocated a set of three boards for their matches.

2. Determining Boards:

Team Captains will roll a dice. The team with the winning roll will select the first board for their match. The opposing team will then choose one of the remaining two boards.

3. Selection of Defenders:

After board selection, both teams will simultaneously discuss and nominate one player as the Defender for the board they have chosen. The other two players on each team will be designated as Attackers.

4. Assignment of Attackers:

Upon selecting the Defenders, each Defender will then choose which Attacker from the opposing team they will face on their assigned board.

5. Final:

The remaining two Attackers from both teams will engage in a match on the unselected board.


Squad-Games Code of Conduct:


  • All Valley Team Tournament 3

    -Team Ticket includes 3 entries -Single Ticket includes one entry -Young blood includes one entry -Forged Brush Painting competition includes Entry to the following: Best Kill Team Display Best Kill Team Single Model Best Kill Team Full Team Best Kill Team Diorama Open Sci-Fi Open Fantasy

    From $20.00 to $180.00
    • $180.00
      +$4.50 service fee
    • $60.00
      +$1.50 service fee
    • $40.00
      +$1.00 service fee



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