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Join the 2024 Hobby Track to showcase your painting finesse and shift the focus from dice rolls to brush mastery. This unique competition evaluates participants based on dedication to painting, brush skills, hobby craftsmanship, visual composition, and thematic excellence in miniature building and painting, akin to an ITC score celebrating artistic aspects.

In the 2024 Hobby Track season, compete in Squad Games events and local tournaments near you! Tournament organizers, submit scores and the relevant BCP link for fair and accurate scoring. The season's overall winner, determined by the top five scores, will be awarded the prestigious Hobby Track Trophy.

The grand finale at the Las Vegas Open 2025, on January TBD, 2025, will reveal the Hobby Track Trophy winner via live stream, uniting hobbyists worldwide to celebrate exceptional talent.

Participate, unleash creativity, and showcase your brushwork prowess. Whether an experienced painter seeking recognition or an aspiring artist making your mark, the Hobby Track welcomes all enthusiasts to embrace the artistry of the Warhammer hobby.

Find painting rubric rules, 2024 leaderboard, and last year's results, including winner Aidan Mc Geath, on this page.

What is Hobby track?

Kill Team Hobby Track Leader board 2023

Hobby track leader board 2022

2022 Hobby Track Champion
Emmanuel Mitsinikos
Instagram: Eman.paints
2022 Winning team and prize
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