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Painting Rubric
Hobby track Rules

The Hobby Track offers a thrilling avenue to showcase your brushwork finesse, shifting the focus from the roll of the dice to the mastery of the paintbrush. This unique competition evaluates participants based on their dedication to painting and brush skills, hobby craftsmanship, visual composition, and thematic excellence when building and painting miniatures. Think of it as an ITC score specifically tailored to celebrate the artistic aspects of the hobby.

As part of the 2023 Hobby Track season, participants have the opportunity to compete in every Squad Games event, as well as local events near you! Tournament organizers can simply submit scores and the relevant BCP (Best Coast Pairings) link to me, to ensure fair and accurate scoring. With your top six scores combined, the season's overall winner will be hailed as the recipient of the illustrious Hobby Track Trophy.

The pinnacle of this captivating journey will unfold during the grand finale at the renowned Las Vegas Open 2024. On January 21, 2024, the exhilarating announcement of the Hobby Track Trophy winner will be broadcast live on stream, uniting hobbyists from around the world to celebrate exceptional talent and dedication.

Participate in the Hobby Track, unleash your creativity, and demonstrate your brushwork prowess. Let your miniatures become a visual testament to your passion and skill. Whether you're an experienced painter seeking recognition or an aspiring artist looking to make your mark, the Hobby Track welcomes all enthusiasts to embrace the artistry of the Warhammer hobby.

On this page you will find the rules for the painting ruberic, rules current 2023 leader board and last years results with the  winner Emmanual Mitsinikos.

What is Hobby track?

Kill Team Hobby Track Leader board 2023

Hobby track leader board 2022

2022 Hobby Track Champion
Emmanuel Mitsinikos
Instagram: Eman.paints
2022 Winning team and prize
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