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🔥 Kill Team Tokens! 🔥


This limited-time offer presents you with the perfect opportunity to upgrade your Kill Team experience at an incredible price. Our Kill Team Tokens, now available at half their usual cost, come in two vibrant and distinct colors, setting the stage for an immersive tabletop adventure like never before.


Whether you're searching for an ideal gift for a fellow gamer or aiming to enhance your Nekro Machina or Repentant Outpost terrain set, these tokens are the ideal choice.


Crafted with Precision: Our tokens are expertly laser cut from durable 3mm acrylic, ensuring longevity and quality. Choose between striking Flourescent Green or eye-catching Flourescent Orange to match your personal style and preferences. Best of all, each set arrives fully painted, ready to elevate your gaming experience.


What's Included:

  • 15 Double Sided Engage Tokens
  • 15 Double Sided Conceal Tokens
  • 4 Double Sided Injured/Status Tokens
  • 4 Double Sided Tac Ops Tokens
  • 4 Grenade Tokens
  • 4 Double Sided +1/-1 Action Point Tokens


While these tokens are not officially affiliated with Games Workshop, they serve as an exceptional upgrade to the standard cardboard tokens included in the base game. The clear and distinct imagery on our tokens ensures seamless gameplay and promises to keep your gear in pristine condition for years to come.


Don't miss out on this unbeatable Black Friday deal! Elevate your Kill Team experience and grab your Kill Team Tokens today. Your tabletop adventures will never be the same.

Kill Team Tokens Limited edition colors

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Acrylic Color
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