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Converting an Eldar WraithKnight into Tyrael from Diablo Part 1

This series of blogs will cover everything from adding lights, painting and converting. I have been collecting and playing warhammer since I was 10 years old. I have 15 years of on and off experence in warhammer. I have added lights to this model and I have a step by step picture guide of how I did it. Still in the painting phase so bear with me on the updates Thanks and Enjoy!!

Here I cut holes in the upper chest region with an exacto blade and 2000 grit sand paper. In the bottom left pictureI cut a hole to the vents with a drill and exacto blade. I did this because I want to put a light in each vent

This one was tricky. This is the hip peice.

The abdomen is hollow, so I drilled at the bottom and one in the top. I left the tab at the top so that it should hold the torso in place.

For the hips I drilled a whole through both sides and one down the center for the wire.

This is the upper leg. The leg is hollow and easily fits the wire. I put the two parts together and drilled from the socket into the leg. At the bottom of the leg I drilled a hole directly in the center where the knee attaches

Hole shown from other side

The knee Joints I drilled a hole down the middle. With all of the risky holes, I used a smaller drill first so incase I made a mistake it was minimal . Then the larger and permanent one.

The foot is hollow so only 2 easy holes are needed

The ankle

The tricky part about the ankle is that it must line up with the foot . So just put the the ankle in the foot after the foot is drilled. Then mark the ankle and drill. The other tricky part is to drill from one side to the other without wrecking the ankle.


The lower leg is easy enough it only needs one drill hole leading to the knee

I started threading the speaker wire through the foot here and the ankle below

Looks good so far

(Next thred was the knee not shown)

Then I threaded the wire through the hip and uper leg here

Here is the leg completed and glued together.

I went back to the torso, at this point, and drilled some more holes so that the lights could be everywhere!!!

Time consuming but i hope that it will look cool

For the pose, I wanted an more angelic type pose than the clunky original stock look. So, I took the leg support thingy and cut it to bring the leg closer to the body. I will later use green stuff or miliput to fix the gap.

Here is most of the body put together

Here both the legs have come together, completing the lower half of the model.

The Lights I chose are here. I took lights from those fake candles because I thought they would look cool. These will be the very last thing that I add after the paint.

Drilled the arm for magnets to exchange any guns that I want

I cut the top of the shoulders off so that I can put the Wraithknight Into the pose that I want.

Magnets are completed.

This came out better than I thought! Dont GLUE the chest piece! Also I didn't glue the hands so that I can replace the hands at my whim

The vents

Cut out and ready to be replaced with some brass etching of a grate from the City fight terrain base sets.

Here I drilled holes for bigger magnets to put guns on if I wanted.

I ended up scrapping this hood don't Like it so I'm back to the drawing board.

Thats the end of part one! Hope you enjoyed it! Until Next time!

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