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How to put on a Cowl

Dear Batman Enthusiast,

Any cowl designed with sharp angles has the possibility of tearing at the point. Putting on the cowl and taking the cowl off properly combined with the power netting in the cheeks will negate tearing. Always be aware that my cowl has a weak point because of the sharp corners.

To put on the cowl there are a few things that will help. First invest in a thin slick dancers hood Like this:

*The trick to getting it on your head is Lubrication and water wont harm the urethane.

So wet both the slick hood and your cowl on the inside like so:

Putting the cowl on: Be Gentle, slow and steady. Little tugs and flat palms on the side of the cowl

Start at the back of your head then use small tugs along the bottom

Use flat palms to gently slide the cowl on.

Then alternating small gentle tugs and flat palms.

Its on!!

Taking off the cowl off: Note pull your chin down, Flat palms and slide it off, Dont pull on Ears, Mouth or roll the cowl off

Gently under the chin, pull the cowl over your chin.

Flat palms once again on either side with a gentle push the cowl will slide right off.

Just make sure the mask dosn't get stuck on your chin or your nose. If it gets stuckon your hair for some reason or you didn't use a Spandex hood..... Have fun it will hurt. trust me been there done that.

Putting the cowl on: Be Gentle, slow and steady. Little tugs and flat palms on the side of the cowl

There are somethings that you should be made aware of to ensure the longevity of the product.

The cowl should slide on, depending on the size of your head it may be a tight squeeze, which I designed it to be that way, believe me it looks better this way instead of having a gap at the chin. If your are still having a hard time getting it on use KY jelly, it wont hurt the cowl or your skin, though it may feel a little weird. DO NOT US VASILINE Properties in Vaseline will hurt the cowl. If you still cannot get it on your head then message me, if we cant solve it then send it back and I will send you a new one.

The Cowl Should NEVER be stored Flat.

I hope you love the cowl as much as I do, I put a lot of work into it and look forward to doing more projects in the future. I look Forward with doing more business with you in the future. Thank you for your support and Enjoy!

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